The Fuck? But with a sassy sort of undertone.
Tf is up with you today?
Tf do you think you're doing?
Tf ARE you doing?
by Hannah Van Miths August 25, 2015
Means 'Together Forever,' when you know you've found the best guy/girl in the world! ily babe xo
Steph- I love you so much, T-F

Pierce- I love you more baby girl, T-F, F&A

Steph- naww, ily babe. Thnx for everything, your my world <3 xxxx
by Cutie96xx May 19, 2010
That's Fine
Wanna get wasted? TF

Damn, that girl is TF

TFB That's fine, boys
by wdm Poker November 15, 2011
Thank Fuck - Being overly thankful
tf we didn't invite that bitch simone to the party
by danjek March 20, 2016
An internet acroynm that means 'the fuck'.
tf is that?
tf are you doing
by micke3737 July 15, 2015
Teh Fuck? A shorter version of WTF? but cooler and using teh is teh shit.
Jorge I like big black juicy sausages

Jose TF?
by Rojiblanco August 26, 2009
An abbreaviation for the word "The Fuck". Instead of saying "What The Fuck" some people shorten it.
TF you did that for? Tf did i tell you? Tf homie, did you just see my cat do the john wall?
by Norelli October 09, 2011
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