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Tanner is a wonderful girlfriend. she fucks like a tiger, let mehh tell ya. she likes to bring portable lotion to her boyfriends house. she is very pretty. she thinks she has big nostrils. i love her.
Tanner: i like lotion
Person: rub it on me baby, right na.
by 69bananasandcumbers69 November 04, 2011
A Tanner Is One Who At One Point In There Life Will Fall Of A Ski Lift. A Tanner Usually Likes To Listen To Papa Roach, And At One Point In His Life Be Obsessed With Star Wars. A Tanner Usually Loves To Play Video Games and Will At One Point In There Life Live In, Bend Oregon.

A Tanner Secrety Loves His Cousin.
Me: Is That Tanner?
Friend: Yes!
Me: Oh Crap He Just Fell Off The Ski Lift!
Friend: Oh Well
by Water Glass January 21, 2011
a douchebag who pressures you into having sex with him, then gets you pregnant, then leaves you to raise the child alone.
Sally-"Oh, he is such a deadbeat dad, I don't think he even knows you are raising his kid!"
Penelope-"Yeah, I know. He is such a Tanner."
Sally-"What a turd burglar."
by penelope pooper October 02, 2011
Self obsesed, whore who cant keep his dick in his pants because of his self enveloped idea that everyone wants him. when in fact he is only as useful to women as a blow up doll. He tends to have problems when a girl doesnt like him and doesnt understand the meaning of no. even when said in 10 different languages.
GINGER (yet no soul)
he would make a great famous person because he likes to get with girls and have one timers.
yea he turned out to be a tottal tanner status
by amilliondollarbabe July 27, 2011
(Hall) A dumb, dick of a man who loves being the centre of attention. He lies, cheats, and is arrogant beyond belief. He finds the slightest reason to tell you that you are wrng and he will exploit it to his own benefit, making you seem like the worst person in the world.

(Hall2) A sniveling bastard that cant seem to think that holding his girl's hand is even appropriate, though they've been dating over a period of 3 months.

(Hall3) Pretends to be your friend. Then, as soon as you leave, talks with the stupid preps who have nothing better to do than just sit around and spread untrue rumours.

(Hall4) A generally unlikeably whore.

(Hall5) Young male that cant reach your hip who is consistantly mistaken for a gay male. Homophobic. And racist, not to mention sexist, and will condemn anyone to hell who is against his own beliefs.
1.) See him? Yeah. That's the kid. *Kid gets beat up a second later*

2.) He won't even hold her hand! That's just... so immature.

3.) Friend 1: Have you been saying I'm a bitch?

Friend 2: No...?

Friend 1: Cause I heard Tanner...

Friend 2: Dude, don't listent to that fag, he can't tell a gold coin from a sack of shit.

4.) He's such a little whore!!

5.) Girl: Dont' listen to him. He doesn't even believe in God himself.

Gay guy: Ok...
by GettingALife-Personified:) January 14, 2011
A term for people of ridiculous laziness, procrastination, fucking off, cant get shit done type of person.
You've been working on that same paragraph for the last three hours, you're such a fucking tanner!
by dirtnerd June 01, 2005
Verb: to cut/burn/mangle/destory an object.
I tannered the fuck out of my hand last night when I landed in the bonfire.
by Digitalcommunist April 30, 2009