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That's what you do after you are born and before you die.
I was living until I got ran over by a truck.
by Adeadlyliquid September 29, 2004
77 21
to live as if it were your last day on earth. to be able to not care what someone else thinks, because everyone in the world has a different view to every event, person, and action...
dance in public as if you were dancing in your family room...
by Matt Mauro March 06, 2005
58 22
To love something full out, or wholeheartedly.
Oh my god! I am LIVING for that photo spread in Vogue this month! It was perfection.

Girl, Liza was giving me songs last night! I was LIVING for it!
by Loretta Codetta December 19, 2008
37 13
Money received for living, not money for non essential items including gambling, hookers, and alcohol.
Tim received $30 living today.
by Julsa January 10, 2013
6 2
see life and bullshit; present tense of life
dude, fuck living, im gonna blow my head off with johnny's shotgun
by 379 April 05, 2005
16 26