one who is lazy; person in constant sleep.
Sam: Dude that bitch fell asleep on me last night!
Fitz: She pulled a tanner on you?
Sam: Ya! Dumb bitch.
by Kcin Reffiefp September 24, 2008
Someone who thinks he/she is so cool, when really they are just a pathetic loser who thinks if he asks out every girl (or guy) in the school that someone has to say "yes". He thinks way to much of himself. Also, treats his girlfriends/boyfriends like pieces of trash. No one respects him except for his homies and groupies, and if he is walking around he HAS to be holding his "balls" otherwise he does not feel like himself.

Also see wannabe, Wangster, and douchebag
Wow, look at that guy over there! He listens to the "Worst" music. Did he just ask out ANOTHER girl? He is such a Tanner!

Also see wannabe and Wangster
by Goaliegirl October 11, 2009
The average white guy, who wears tight jeans and isn't funny at all.
Whatever that tanner is about to say surely won't be funny.
by That Black Guy. November 09, 2009
A Tanner is a guy who has a tendancy to film girls while they are playing any sort of sweating sport. He thinks this could be the arousal of the penis in more than 2 areas.
guy:"wtf dude, stop being such a tanner and leave those girls alone unless ur not gunna touch them in the first 5 minutes..."
by Haha (cap-a-cop) bleep a blop March 31, 2009
Tanner is used as a synonym for the phrase 'Small Penis', it is often replaced to sound correct towards the person who is being refered to whilist insulting them in a polite manner. It is meant to be used only with people who are asian, because most often, people link the term 'Small Penis' & 'Asian' together.
Tom: Alright, here's my big ass asian Tanner, don't you just love it?

Sandra: Oh, gee, look at the time I think I have to go. Please put that Tanner away into your underwear before I puke in my mouth.

Tom: But, I'm asian, what did you expect!?
by TannerLikesItUpTheButt May 11, 2009
sleeping whenever you think about the person; one who is constantly asleep.
sam: dude the bitch fell asleep on me last night.

freddy: she was pulling a tanner?

sam: ya

freddy: no girls would pull a tanner at deja vu.
by xx123x43x September 20, 2008
one who accepts anal for the price of cheesy poofs
that was the best tanner i have got in a long time
by shankler May 17, 2007

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