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Tanner is used as a synonym for the phrase 'Small Penis', it is often replaced to sound correct towards the person who is being refered to whilist insulting them in a polite manner. It is meant to be used only with people who are asian, because most often, people link the term 'Small Penis' & 'Asian' together.
Tom: Alright, here's my big ass asian Tanner, don't you just love it?

Sandra: Oh, gee, look at the time I think I have to go. Please put that Tanner away into your underwear before I puke in my mouth.

Tom: But, I'm asian, what did you expect!?
by TannerLikesItUpTheButt May 11, 2009
a brown hobbit with a poo stache who lives in bum fuck egypt. he likes to stay in the shire all weekend and chop wood. also he likes to violently slap bitches, like taylor ray, without any sense of remorse. this jew goblin also likes to fight dirty as well as be dirty. is you attempt to attack him he will grab anything in sight in attempt to cruely injure you. one time, this hobbits best friends wes and wes were visiting on the weekend. after a silly arguement, tanner the jew attempted to cut wes' arm off with an axe, after shooting wes with a blowgun.
"tanner your such a dirty jew goblin!"

"shut the fuck up or im gunna slap the shit outta taylor!"
by wesniggahater January 30, 2009
sleeping whenever you think about the person; one who is constantly asleep.
sam: dude the bitch fell asleep on me last night.

freddy: she was pulling a tanner?

sam: ya

freddy: no girls would pull a tanner at deja vu.
by xx123x43x September 20, 2008
Tanner is a dumbass. Extremely small penis, very large in body mass though. Likes to punch people very softly in the throat when drunk. Headbutts like a mofo. Scares small children, even though he only wants to touch them softly. Not headbutt them. Enjoys lofl.
"Man you see Tanner? All he wanted to do is molest the small boy, but the boy ran away!"
"Probly thought a headbutt was comin his way."
by tanner yo September 10, 2008
a tanner is some person who stands on the street corners and openly asks to suck your cock, they are normally women but some can be transvestites or homosexuals as well, there for the word tanner can also be another word for fag, or cocksucker
wow man that fag is suck a tanner
by Matt September 07, 2006
one who accepts anal for the price of cheesy poofs
that was the best tanner i have got in a long time
by shankler May 17, 2007
White van owner. Pulls up to unsuspecting children (preferabley little boys)and lurers them into his van with FREE CANDY spray paintedf on his van. Then ties them to his basement wall with chains, sticking their butts in the air (the easier way for him to molest them). Lubs em' up and inserts his penis with no condom into thier buttholes.Hr then he cuts off there penis and puts it up his own butt.
Child walks down the street. Tanner sees the victim and he prepares to strike. The little boy sees the van that says FREE CANDY. he has heard of this devilish molester. He tries to run but cannot escape the tazer that tanner weilds.
"I have you now kid!!"
And you know the rest...
by jore lobez December 01, 2006