An amazing person. Someone who you can always talk to, and who you can trust immediatly. Someone who has a country accent, and makes you get butterflies every time you see him. A Tanner is someone who is willing to do anything for his friends, or his girlfriend, and always has the urge to flirt with you, in a romantic cute way. :)

A Tanner is also someone, who is incredibly tall, and handsome, most girls have little crushes on him, and are envious of the girl he chose to be his girlfriend. A Tanner will text you, "I love you" first thing in the morning, and a Tanner is someone you deffinantly want to meet in your lifetime. :)
Girl: Whos that guy you were walking with, is it Tanner?
Girl 2: Yes, he is my Tanner. :)
by A Tanner Admirer. October 01, 2011
he's the shit. he's the best friend that everyone should have. you can trust him with absolutely anything. he knows even the darkest secrets you have. he jokes about them in front of everyone but never lets anyone know that they are about you. he's very good at keeping secrets and promises. he's the person you call when you have a problem, when your bored, when you want to party, or when you need that person who will listen. he'll listen for hours even if you call at 3 in the morning. if you ever got hurt, he'd be the one to call and would drive 200mph if he could to get to wear you are. he's amazing.
everyone needs a tanner in order be whole.
by bestfriend1212 December 07, 2011
A tall, sexy, kinda lanky but muscular man. Usually a ginger but is one of the nicest funniest people in the world.
see that ginger? Looks like a total Tanner
by imonaboat March 01, 2009
When used as a feminine name (rarely) it defines a strong and capable person. Tanner can conquer life's challenges, even the unsurmountable. Tanner has a great sense of humor, beautiful smile, loves to laugh. When Tanner hugs you, the sun shines right over you and envelops you in her warmth. Tanner is a lovely person anyone would be honored to know.
I love Tanner, Don't you?
by honey west February 03, 2010
The most fucking spectacular person in the damn universe, generally very tall, sexy, & smart. Sometimes they are zombrees.
Bob: Wow Tanner is so awesome!

Bill: Yeah, I know, i wish i was as cool as him

Bob: me to
by Tanner444 December 22, 2011
Usally a hot, tall, sexy, guy with dark hair, has a amazing girlfriend, but he chose the uglyest girl ever, hes super sweet, and makes everyones day 20x better (:
damn! i wish i was dating a Tanner
by seacoww November 26, 2011
An amazing guy who is EXTREMELY gorgeous. Usually, tall, blonde and oh so very handsome. Blue eyes that are clearer than the clearest blue sky. Strong, muscular, smart and also a super fine football player. Has a super duper sexy voice. Who has AMAZING genes because apparently "attractive" runs in the family.
Person 2- Let's just play it cool.
Person 2- Shut up!!!
Persons 1, 2 and 3- Hi tanner:)))
Tanner- Hey
by Katie161616 July 10, 2012

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