Very intelligent, smart, cute and full of positive thoughts! Sometimes stubborn but always keeps a smile on your face
Anyone who gets to know a tanner will fall in love with his image and personality.
by Mac.... February 21, 2015
An very good looking Jewish kid. Tends to be extremely good with ladies and always leaves them wanting more, usually sexually.
I went over to Tanners house the other night to eat some latkes and bagels, but we ended up having sex instead
by Thatguybehindyou69 September 03, 2012
someone who starts masturbating at age 6
"Oh no honey, our kids a Tanner, looks like we will have to put him down"
by Xoxosamtehe January 08, 2015
A very handsome boy with amazing blind hair. He is every girls dream boy. He is smart, sexy, charming, strong, funny, tall, and very very good looking. All the girls want him, and men want to be him. He is the god of all men.
"God, Tanner is so cute," proclaimed Sierra a little to loud
by Sierravibe October 27, 2014
To drop a load in your pants, fart with no remorse or regard for human life
Justin" I ate fermented watermelon and ate burnt toast then laid a Tanner in my pants"
Nick " now your tighty whiteys are Tanner!"
by Vanillagorilla2 September 17, 2013
Queer; gay; homosexual
That guy over there is so tanner
by The _king March 15, 2015
A pedophile around the age of 15 who sexually harasses highschool girls from his secret phone.
Omg tanner wouldnt leave me alone last night! He told me to swerve that pussy!
by Chickabow August 01, 2012

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