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To stay true and loyal to once's friends even though times might be rough.
Let's stay swimp. From underground hiphopper 'Swimp' based in Linné, Gothenburg.
by Fredrik M August 08, 2005
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Sweet + Pimp = Swimp
Man, that ride is SWIMP, but you are fuhgupid.
by EssTooKayTD June 23, 2005
A Pimp Swimming
Tyrone the Pimp is swimming! He's such a swimp!
by John Lopez June 20, 2003
A combination of the words sweet and pimp.
Shit son, your new ride is SWIMP!
by Tom Hocking February 27, 2006
The art of slapping another human being with their own genitals.
"Swimp me."

"Don't swimp me."
by Tehwin May 23, 2003

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