A term for people of ridiculous laziness, procrastination, fucking off, cant get shit done type of person.
You've been working on that same paragraph for the last three hours, you're such a fucking tanner!
by dirtnerd June 01, 2005
Australian colloquialism referring to a person who punches or maims small children and/or foetuses (whilst still in the womb)

Origin: Australian case of E. Tanner, the woman who 'murdered' her friend's unborn foetus by repeatedly punching her in the womb. Authority for the Australian law that you cannot kill an unborn child, opening the floodgates for a string of cases of child-loathing women 'self aborting' their babies/babies of their acquaintances.
Hey, could your sister babysit for me tonight?

No, she's a tanner- she would probably damage your offspring.
by vandalizedovary September 10, 2009
The guy that will say he "loves you" - but he is a bunch of lies!!!! once he get bored with you he will move on to the next girl and ruin her life too. once you break up he will probably hook up with your best friends older sister and will eventually ruin her life too. HE is a big FAT liar, and a waste of your time! do not trust ANYONE with the name tanner.

ps he often smells like dog shit and talks crap on everybody OH and he has the biggest ego and thinks he is all cool meanwhille EVERYBODY hates him.
wow tanner keeps hooking up with innocent girls and now they all have the lable of "whore"
by ohmygodyoursocool February 08, 2010
a beautiful woman who kicks ass and loves twisted humor; A funky dance party.
Tanner is the awesome one.
Often confused with a stalker but is definetly not.
by no name-chan March 01, 2009
Someone who thinks he/she is so cool, when really they are just a pathetic loser who thinks if he asks out every girl (or guy) in the school that someone has to say "yes". He thinks way to much of himself. Also, treats his girlfriends/boyfriends like pieces of trash. No one respects him except for his homies and groupies, and if he is walking around he HAS to be holding his "balls" otherwise he does not feel like himself.

Also see wannabe, Wangster, and douchebag
Wow, look at that guy over there! He listens to the "Worst" music. Did he just ask out ANOTHER girl? He is such a Tanner!

Also see wannabe and Wangster
by Goaliegirl October 11, 2009
one who is lazy; person in constant sleep.
Sam: Dude that bitch fell asleep on me last night!
Fitz: She pulled a tanner on you?
Sam: Ya! Dumb bitch.
by Kcin Reffiefp September 24, 2008
The average white guy, who wears tight jeans and isn't funny at all.
Whatever that tanner is about to say surely won't be funny.
by That Black Guy. November 09, 2009

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