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When you drink half of a forty then fill it back up with sparks, shake it up and finish it. Gets u drunk. Tastes good too.
finish your sporty theres sober people in china
by acog April 11, 2007
Common expression for "sexually adventurous."
That Mel C sure is sporty!
by Cary1 November 14, 2007
Slang motorcycle enthusiasts use to describe a Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle.
"Give me a oil filter for my '99 Sporty"
by Lutefiskhater October 22, 2008
A social categorisation of a person (e.g. townie, trendy, goth) who enjoys both participating in, and watching, different sports. Therefore they are athletic, outgoing and socialable, with a common competitive edge about them.
More than one sporty are known as 'sporties'.
A guy or gal who is always up for sporting achievement awards... you know, that kid you could never out run in the playground.
by The Omnicient April 29, 2004
The condition of the Seas whereas it is rough and navigation is possible, usually results in vessels occupants becoming drenched and possible seasick
Went out fishing today and the Seas were sporty, my gf chummed all day
by sycraft July 11, 2008
a combination of the words "spliff" and "forty",to smoke a spliff and drink a forty; highly recomendable. the perfect combo
yo son its time for a sporty sesh lets get fuzzy
by dopestghost802 January 30, 2011

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