The patch between a man's scrotum and anus (okay, 'balls and arse') otherwise known as the perineum
"Taint his balls and taint his arse"
by anonymous83 August 04, 2005
From the germanic word "taintobogen" meaning scrumptious center skin

Commonly refers to the area between a human's asshole and it's weiner/vag depending on sex

Also used in the most colloquial of settings to mean nearly anything

Jim- yo man check out the taint on that whore
Bart- tell me it taint so

Henry- you better shut the fuck up before i taint your other eye

Susan- oh my god beth! did you see how taint johnny looks today?

Richard-what a taint of a woman

Sam- i put on my shoes taint my mother goodbye
by Sameer Forster December 12, 2007
Area between nutsack and anus.

Often regarded as "the dirtiest inch".
If it's hot out, you may get a swampy taint.
by Erric May 20, 2007
'taint my ass and 'taint my balls so it must be in between.
marissah has a taint *pukes*
by matt love May 05, 2007
The small area in between the buttocks and the balls or vagina.
"Dude... be careful of the taint when you get her alone tonight"

"The taint?"

"You know... the spot between her pussy and the asshole..."

"Why's it called that?"

"Cause... you taint fuck it... and you taint eat it..."
by Sabi a.k.a Dark Angel April 06, 2008
The part between your balls and asshole.
Yo bitch lick my taint
by fdsahgf February 08, 2006
The raised line between and connecting the scrotum and the balloonknot.
..."paint my taint".....or "...taint yur asshole, taint yur ballsack!"
by mark knudsen June 18, 2005

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