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pussy protection; the flesh area required by insurance companies to indemnify (cover) pussy corruption; assures no fresh poop meanders into close proximity to the vagina region; like a fence or terd levee.
this hippie chick who used to walk around for hours a day in parking lots at phish shows had a giant callus form on her taint.
by craig ellis johnson November 30, 2005
The area of a womans body that Taint pussy and Taint asshole
I would licker taint forever. just to be near her pussy
by RBRat3 March 20, 2005
T'ain't pussy T'ain't ass
Man I hit a hard spot. That that Taint pussy or ass.
by junks March 17, 2008
The area of skin between a man's anus and scrotum.
I like to put baby powder on my taint before my Wife gives me oral.
by Tom_Ahh_Toe July 08, 2006
The part between your balls and asshole.
Yo bitch lick my taint
by fdsahgf February 08, 2006
The not so fuzzy region between the browneye and the pink abyss.
Also know as the vaganus.
Riding the unicycle gave my taint a bloody rash.
by TheTaintBandit January 05, 2005
The area between a woman's vagina and her butt hole.
What's the area between a woman's pussy and her asshole called?
Taint: taint her pussy and taint her asshole.
by Wayward Bill March 28, 2008