The raised line between and connecting the scrotum and the balloonknot.
..."paint my taint".....or "...taint yur asshole, taint yur ballsack!"
by mark knudsen June 18, 2005
The area of a womans body that Taint pussy and Taint asshole
I would licker taint forever. just to be near her pussy
by RBRat3 March 20, 2005
It ain't yo' ass, and it ain't yo pussy.
"Are you not into taint?!!" - Russell Crowe, Gladiator

by Melakulipto December 04, 2007
It's Your Fleshy Fun-Bridge
Come take a ride on my taint!
by Tom Busch March 06, 2005
Hairy patch between the genitals and the asshole, that prevents a person from shitting in their nutsack or pussy hole
Taint misbehavin'; I taint gonna take it anymore!
by Fartsy Mulligans May 08, 2006
The small area in between the buttocks and the balls or vagina.
"Dude... be careful of the taint when you get her alone tonight"

"The taint?"

"You know... the spot between her pussy and the asshole..."

"Why's it called that?"

"Cause... you taint fuck it... and you taint eat it..."
by Sabi a.k.a Dark Angel April 06, 2008
the region of skin between the anus and the male or female genetalia. also known as the chin rest.
it taint pussy and it taint ass. or it taint balls and it taint ass.
by November 08, 2004

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