It's Your Fleshy Fun-Bridge
Come take a ride on my taint!
by Tom Busch March 06, 2005
The small area in between the buttocks and the balls or vagina.
"Dude... be careful of the taint when you get her alone tonight"

"The taint?"

"You know... the spot between her pussy and the asshole..."

"Why's it called that?"

"Cause... you taint fuck it... and you taint eat it..."
by Sabi a.k.a Dark Angel April 06, 2008
The area between a woman's vagina and her butt hole.
What's the area between a woman's pussy and her asshole called?
Taint: taint her pussy and taint her asshole.
by Wayward Bill March 28, 2008
The piece of skin that connects the bottom of the sack to the top of the gooch
Dude i beat it so hard last night that i swear my taint came apart
by booby watcher June 07, 2009
technically the Perineum, it's the area between the balls and the asshole.
'taint balls, 'taint anus.
by Goober43215 October 11, 2008
the region of skin between the anus and the male or female genetalia. also known as the chin rest.
it taint pussy and it taint ass. or it taint balls and it taint ass.
by November 08, 2004
That spot between your balls and your asshole.
Because it taint your balls, and it taint your hole!
by Budley00 January 16, 2009

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