the patch of skin between the anus and vagina.
Melissa shaves her "taint" and it is quite lovley.
by Rooster June 04, 2002
The area between a womans pussy and her asshole
I was trying to bang this gal and i slid into her off of her taint. "Taint the pussy and Taint the asshole
by muddy4x4mn March 25, 2005
The part of a woman that allows her to be picked up like a six pack
Caveman: ugh, ugh, me no liek picking her up this way, UG pick her up by taint.
by EatChoBeans February 15, 2005
the piece of skin between a womans pussy and asshole because it taint pussy and it taint asshole also see driving range
she's gonna feel some pain in the morning cause i just wacked my balls on her taint
by some guy13 November 03, 2009
The word is involved in a joke:

<Dude> What do you call the area between the pussy and the ass?
<man> what?
<Dude> Taint. Taint ass. Taint pussy>
<man> why is it there?
<Dude> So you can carry it around like a six-pack
The area between the twat and the rectal sphinctor.
by Gito man June 03, 2005
The area located between the vagina and the bunghole. 'taint pussy and taint ass The part of a woman's anatomy that touches the bicycle seat.
"I've ridden this piece of shit bike so far, I have blisters on my taint!!!
by Jaraldo March 31, 2003
bit between a lady's cuckoo and her poopoo. (see Barse)
It Tain't arse and it Tain't 'gina. (see Barse)
by [D] Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
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