It's the small area between your balls and asshole. It's usually extremely hairy.
Hey Schrief, you lick a lot of taint.
by Robert Arthur Gilbert February 21, 2007
the area between your balls and your asscrack.

It's a terrible area to get punched.
Nat just got punched in the taint!
by Calebyo April 26, 2007
stinky space between your asshole and your balls.
damn your taint smells like wet socks.
by op March 11, 2004
The Taint is the area between the male or female genitalia and the anus.
"It taint scrotum and it taint butthole so it must be taint."
by Justin Illusion May 26, 2006
slang/vulgar: from "it aint" female area between the vaginal opening and the anus
" 'taint asshole, 'taint pussy"
by Admiral Muff January 08, 2009
The small margin of skin between a woman's vagina and anus.
While i was doing her doggystyle I decided to flick her in the taint. She loved it.
by axn May 29, 2006
pussy protection; the flesh area required by insurance companies to indemnify (cover) pussy corruption; assures no fresh poop meanders into close proximity to the vagina region; like a fence or terd levee.
this hippie chick who used to walk around for hours a day in parking lots at phish shows had a giant callus form on her taint.
by craig ellis johnson November 30, 2005

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