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The second best video game character ever made, and I agree to Miles "Tails" Prower, who would think of a two tailed fox anyway?
The 2 tailed fox who is in all the sonic games made.
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
What sonic becomes when all seven chaos emeralds are collected, has super powers, goes so fast he hovers, and turns a shiny golden color.
Sonic Adventure, or all sonic games.
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
A happening in the background, such as a man lawnmowing, and there is a violent mob war in the background...
The Simpsons: almost all the episodes...
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
A leader of the once powerful native-american tribe who died by falling off his horse! The tribe then tossed him in the river walking away shaking their heads on how such a great leader could have died in such a stupid way...
1693, New York State...
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003
The best character ever made in video game history! Hes really original too, a speedy hedgehog, who'd would have thought of that!!!
Sonic, Sonic 2 , Sonic 3, etc.
by Young_Kitsune August 01, 2003

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