A tail is the soft white fluffy thing that presses against my belly when I am having sex with a girl in a Playboy Bunny style outfit.
Johnny McWarguy: *pulls out of a bunnygirl's vag and orgasms* Oh I'm sorry, I just cummed all over your tail.
by Johnny McWarguy April 30, 2008
can also mean the time of which someone,that has been released from prison, to be on parole.
person 1:damn, heard u just got out tha pen.
person 2:yea mayne, served a nickel.
person 1:bet u happy as hell u out.
person 2:no doubt, but i still got a 3 year tail.
by KC4o8 April 30, 2005
Stands for Terrible Ass In Le Siege (Tails) Can be used to define someone who looks funny, is incredibly arrogant, or smells of musky mex.
That Tails is such a Tails
by Judge Judy February 05, 2005
a cute little girl that you'd love to fuck!
I'm dying to get a piece of THAT little tail!!
by Erik da Red July 11, 2003
An individual who annoyingly follows someone everywhere because they have an obsession with that individual. Usually associated with socially crippled video game nerds.
Tail: Can I talk to you about video games?
Victim: Sure, just can you hold on David? I gotta go take a leak
Tail: Hey I'll follow you to the bathroom.
by DC518 December 07, 2007
a Little boys Penis, a polite word to describe private bits, esp in front of elders, parents etc, similar to "willy"
"Miss I caught my Tail in my flys"- kid in infant school
by Mattvwt25 March 09, 2007
The world's worst and most hated side-kick ever! First off, he is a furry fag, second his name is Miles Prower.... miles per hour, seriously, finally Sonic should pimp slap gay out of him.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3, Tails is terrible
by Kevin Gypsy February 18, 2009

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