15 definitions by Tails

An incredibly small cock.
Jane took one look at Jack's millimeter peter, and ran like hell.
by Tails September 16, 2003
When you almost get laid, and at the last second get turned down for doing something stupid.
Davis fumbled Mary last night. It was close though!
by Tails September 30, 2003
Tails is Sonic's Friend. He is r0r0xs. Tails pwn over KN in ize irc!
Tails is a good boy!
by Tails March 12, 2005
An expression meaning 'good for you'.
Moron: I killed your mom last night. Uhhuhuhuhuh.
You: Thumbs.
by Tails December 31, 2003
Tails is Sonic's Best Friend. He is r0r0rs. He pwns over KN in invisionize IRC #lobby
Tails is a good boy.. ^_^
by Tails March 12, 2005
One who posts on Urbandictionary.
I've thrown a few words into Urbandictionary, so that makes me an urbandictionaire.
by Tails February 20, 2004
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