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Contraction of "shit" and wasted" used to charcterize someone who is wasted^2.
Man, I got so shwasted last night, I couldn't even feel my face.
by Kevin December 04, 2004
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a combination of "shit-faced" and wasted. Really drunk basiclly.
I am not getting drunk tonight, I am going to get SHWASTED!!!
by ValAnne May 08, 2005
(Adj.) The state of innebriation beyond coherent thoughts, words, or actions. Derived from the tradtional American slang "shitfaced" and "wasted".
Matthew was so shwasted, he proceeded to motor-boat the breasts of the ugliest female at that social gathering.
by Ian Ebsch February 10, 2007
It is an explicit combination of "shit-faced" and "wasted"
"What did you do last night man?" "Dude i got so shwasted and and nailed a fat girl."
by Big C. Mass E. November 17, 2009
in the state of being really drunk; combination of shit-faced and wasted
lets get shwasted tonight!
by 757baby August 02, 2009
Beyond wasted, extremely fucked up.
Guy1. Dude, are you drunk?

Guy2. Naw man, I'm shwasted
by motocross king 1989 September 05, 2011
"Man After six beer bongs & a bottle of jäger I'm fucking shwasted"
by Tatjana Padjen September 06, 2013

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