Nickname of the NSW Waratahs
The bloody Tah's have choked again.. oh well.
by Tahy McTahTah March 19, 2005
Tired As Hell!
Myspace Status: im T.A.H.!
by Joetheeman October 21, 2009
TAH or TAHS, is a short form meaning: Thirsty Ass Ho(s). TAH became popular in 2014, used mainly by southern rappers in the underground Hiphop community.
Ever since I got that promotion at work, I got these TAHS chasing me.
Yo bitch a TAH, I need me a, I don't need a niggah for nottin' girl.
by JonJon1111 October 12, 2014
tah (lower case) is an acronym and it means "trick ass ho" in modern text slang. Not to be confused with TAH, total abdominal hysterectomy.
That chick that sent Jay that email is a bloody tah!
by kjcz October 11, 2014
TaH, Truth and Hope Role-Play on Warcraft III, the Best RP in WCIII history
That is so TaH-Rated!
by Fan of TaH (Metamort) October 05, 2003
It means "Tired As Hell"
Girl Im tah ttyl

I'l talk to u tomorrow im tah
by clue1 January 07, 2010
Trick ass hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle almost got with a TAH.
by Johnna December 16, 2005

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