An exclaimation used to tell someone that what theyre saying is queer or BS. It can also be used to describe something that you dont like.
1. Ian: You guys should come over to my house tonight, it's going to be a banger!
Chris: TAH!

2. Alec: While we were down at the beach, I had mad girls all over me!
Ramsey: TAH!

3. Anthony: His car is tah.

by Twon's Z April 16, 2008
The word was created from transforming a wealthy person's obnoxious laugh into word form that can be used for everyone's enjoyment.
I went to Harvard where I had a 4.0 grade point average...tah, You're a tah!, I hate that rich son of a tah!
by Jigglywiggly July 12, 2008
True African Hunter
meaning: the lifestyle of a person which stays faithfull 2 his god and his attidude. the meaning of hunter is simple: a person which hunts for other 2 keep the family,friendz etc alive is a huntah
can you feel the TAH in you?
by GCB April 14, 2004
A big, fat loser who enjoys cheese and food in general, but hates stupid losers like Toby.
Oh, man. Look at the Tah eat!
by The Tah herself September 17, 2003
TAH - Take A Hike
An Example of telling somebody to move they ass away for a long while.
Yo, Fool why don't u go take a hike!
Nah, why don't u go TAH!
by Solidus Bro February 06, 2007
Totally Annoying Herpe
Totally Annyoying Horse
Oh, man.. Tah's gonna be there? You can count me out then.
by D-Mac Dizzle October 28, 2003

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