9 definitions by cakes

1. A burnout of a burnout. 2. A dregg who's eyes are cased with the dried tears of their life, as they've realized all their dreams are unattainable except for the drinking part.
I got an idea! Lets go knock around some wastoids.
by cakes June 11, 2003
1. A paradox in which one forgets to play the guitar while playing the guitar.
Johnny's playing horribly, he's bit guitarted today.
by cakes June 11, 2003
Thick, viscous semen excreted during ejaculation.
Charles dumped his mangurt all over Alicia's breats.
by cakes June 11, 2003
Small black crumbs of marijuana that are already partially smoked.
Yo! I found some boodahchron lets smoke it out of this coke can.
by Cakes March 22, 2005
1. Semen left around the vaginal opening, as if it were hiding the hole. 3. Dried semen.
This kleenex if filled with manspackle.
by cakes June 11, 2003
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