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of great elephantlike-ness. of great awesomeness, amazingness, or size. nothing to do with republicans.
dude, you got so much mammoth on that jump.
youre so mammoth.
youre totally mammoth on guitar.
im mad mammoth
by megonegraka February 19, 2008
Large furry creature, elephant like. (Exstinct)
Oh look there's a HUGE wooly mammoth!
by Frannie October 06, 2003
A large hairy beast with a trunk the size of Barbara Streisand's nose.
Help, there is a mammoth in my closet!
by CalamariPancake April 11, 2009
Somthing that is F@$!ing awesome
Dude thats fricken mammoth!
by bubbalicous December 11, 2005
A large hairy penis.
"Will has a mammoth dick!"
by Furtivetwo19 June 04, 2014
An older lady seeking a younger guy. Almost like a cougar but older. Or an older man seeking a younger gal.
"Those ladies on Golden Girls are Mammoths."

"My dad is a mammoth."
by Mammoth bait July 09, 2012
reference to extremely large, powerful legs; thick legs
watch out! she might unleash the mammoths!
by Allie April 20, 2005

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