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Street term for price tag.
what's the tag on that zip?
by Bkshots February 07, 2012
10 9
verb. To make a mental note of someone who piques your romantic curiosity as a possible future romantic interest worth pursuing.
"How was the party last night? Did you meet anyone interesting?"

"There were some pretty girls there, no one I really hit it off with. So, I just tagged a few girls for the next party."
by Doublestuff March 26, 2013
9 9
used to make ties between different words on UD. As of 9/21/2005, atleast five per each word are required.
Tags to this word are antonym, synonym, definition, ant., syn., and def..
by Victor Van Styn September 22, 2005
6 6
the act of tagging someone on a facebook picture
as soon as i upload these pics, i'm going to tag me in them
by juana la cubana May 15, 2008
49 50
Used in forum roleplays, to mean a reply. It is usually used as a verb, but can also be a noun. When people just say "tag", it means that they have replied and are waiting for you to tag them again.
I'm waiting on your tag! Yeah, I'll finish tagging you tomorrow.
by Estariana July 14, 2010
10 12
An acronym standing for: Taking A Gnarly Shit
"Hey Sam, can I call you back? I'm taking the fattest dump right now."

"TAGS, you're it!!"
by Dbenz April 25, 2009
6 8
To hit something with your semen while masturbating, by accident or on purpose
Jimmy was stroking in his bed and tagged his face by accident
by Boop73635716161 September 18, 2013
0 3