Someone who wears or is wearing clothes from head to toe with matching visible logos.
That guy over there is a definite tag. I mean Louis Vuitton shirt, scarf, shades, hat and shoes?
by Copythatagentk January 14, 2011
(n.)A man or woman who is married or in a serious relationship.
"Look at that hottie!"
"Don't bother, he's got tags."
by doppiogirl October 27, 2007
Tag or Tagging in Australia are words used to describe masturbation

The shaking of the Spray can is the imagery here that the word comes from.
I just had a Tag,
I like Tagging,
by Astroboy June 02, 2005
a signature, usually a nickname either chosen by the writer or given by friends
did you see that wack keenur tag?
by graffiti writer t July 10, 2008
to shoot someone with a gun
johnny got tagged by a cop on the way out of the bank
by jackb1211 February 13, 2008
to go somewhere or bring something along with
1. im bout to tag up the wiz concert
2."ay tag the bread along, with the macaroni"
3. we are tagging up the wiz concert
by hahahahahaaa April 30, 2011
The name of a prophet sent by god to kick it and inspire greatness. A truly unique being who loves grapes and ribs. A traveler of the U.S.A and a nomad or sorts. TAG will one day be in a large number of the population's ipod one way or another.
TAG's salutation was one love...
by Taylorgio Armani February 05, 2010
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