1. To shoot another person with a firearm.

1. The Iraqis tried to cross the street under fire, and a couple of them got tagged.
by thaks April 09, 2006
Teachers are gay
Girl: *walking out of detention* uuurgh i hate that cow!!
Boy: Tell me about it!
Girls: TAG
by Satan with a Perm May 04, 2010
Noun- or Verb-
A person who always "tags". Always wants to go everywhere with you. Even if they aren't invited or welcomed. Usually a friend.

Most annoying when its a room mate because he tags on you everywhere in the house.
John: Dude, whats HE doing here?
Derek: He just tagged on me! What was I suppose to do?
by themaster654321 February 22, 2010
Verb, meaning have sex
"I want to tag that ass"
by Julia in down town Denver October 11, 2007
A motor vehicle's license plate.
Did you get the tag number on that BMW?
by signull August 22, 2006
Teens Against Genocide T.A.G.
"Im going to join the club T.A.G."
by K. Po April 26, 2006
to claim or own; showing ones ownership; a away to define as "totally yours"
"Omigod i totally tagged that shirt from hollister before you biatch!!!"
by PrettyInPink February 07, 2005

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