Tags are your signiture on walls or object. it is done with style to show your skill and represents you. tags that just scribble looking is a waste of time and ruins graff for everyone and are a bunch of dumbasses.
Tags are cool.. just put in time into your tags then get up.

Nobody don't want to see that shitty tag on the wall if you don't got can control.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
Just read the tags below
No really, just look at the tags
by FuctButSects January 22, 2011
To engage in sexual intercourse.
Let's got o the club and find some girls to tag real quick.

Man you still haven't tagged Sarah yet?
by Larrew June 19, 2013
stands for Tell A Good Story.
in simple terms a nice way to tell some one to shut up or to stop telling a bad story.
Damien: "oi joel i just seen a..." Joel: "TAGS!"
by vltur8o March 17, 2009
Verb. To link a person to a picture or video on a social network.
"Should I tag you in this picture after I upload it on Facebook?"
by uhhmandy November 09, 2011
hmm... they're new to UD, basically words that have something to do with the word your defining. I cant say im a big fan of them, since u need them for your defenition
tags you might put for shit are: crap, poop, ut-oh spaghetti-o, and damnit
by brian October 04, 2005
With regards to/credit to. Derived from a mixture of tag (Passing something onto another person) and Thanks.
1.Hey, the names Twigget, tags to Jemma
2.Tags to all the people that helped out
by Jemmy Berry October 02, 2005

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