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short for temporary. most myspace whores use this word to describe their default picture.
my defult picture on myspace is only temp but comment!
by dillon welsh March 08, 2009
A worker in an office hired in a temporary basis. Usually untalented.
A substitute teacher.

School of Rock:
1) Patty: ...And Ned has the most important job there is.
Dewey: What, Temping?
Ned: Dewey, a substitute is not a temp!

2) Patty: Oh you got a job, doing what?
Dewey: I'm temping, like Ned does.
Ned: Dewey, a substitute is not a temp!
by Fj-3 June 22, 2007
(Temporary) Files you should always securely delete. Such as the ones created from web browsing activity, and used by many applications. Said files pose a threat to privacy. Clear your cache!
"Temp? I bet Josh has a lot of temp."
by Undisputed Definitions August 18, 2007
what people on facebook write as a caption for their profile picture because they don't really like it and are gonna change it soon.

it's actually kind of stupid because all profile pictures are temporary anyways
dont really like this picture but i needed something new, temp
by KateNAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVV August 01, 2011

1. temporary

2. a temporary employment agency

3. a temporary employee

4. a temporary employer

I don't want to go to a temp agency. I Want a job I like.
by The Return Of Light Joker April 18, 2008
Short for temporary license.
Random Person Named Bob: Check it, bitches, I just got my temps.

Random Person Named Bill: I got my actual license years ago.

Bob: Fuck you, Bill.
by kiarafan April 25, 2010
Short for temper
as in.

holy shit, that guy has a sick temp.


(if someone is unnecessarily a huge spaz) ooou, temp.
by Highbury March 06, 2010
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