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The term for large graffiti pieces that took time, effort, and beforehand practice and sketches. To burn or defile a 'Piece' by quickly writing something over it is dispicable in the graffiti culture.
by PAkru June 30, 2003
A can of paint pressured by aresol. To assure even ratio between Areosol and Paint, spray paint cans have a small marble sized plastic or ceramic bearing. Each spray can's aresol and paint consistacy varies between makes. For example MonTana has a european feel with thicker paint,wheras Krylon is runny and can be administered quicker.
by PAkru June 30, 2003
Commonly refers to the type of graffiti produced in a stylized one line time efficient movement.

A broader definition would be to make up a graffiti piece on the spot without any refrence or beforehand knoledge
by PAkru June 30, 2003
among the WACKEST names to call vandalism. Near mid-90's, a tag refered to either a Writer's name, or the action of producing low skill graffiti on a city or burban application (also known as BOMBING). Nowadays people have gone back to saying "What do you write" or "lets go bombing"
'Taggers' are toys that should stick to their books and stay out of the true heads ways.
by PAkru June 30, 2003
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