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an amazing guy, who is funny and social. he deserves the best in life and deserves to be with an amazing girl. he knows exactly how to make people laugh and isn't so bad to look at either. actually, he's absolutely sexy and good lookin. anyone that is lucky enough to have him in their life should truly keep him there.
Jacob: "Man who you thinking about?"

Jane: "No one just Jonathon."
by flipfantasy April 02, 2011
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a cute, adorable, sweet, random, funny, werid, and slightly insane boy. can make you smile no matter what is going on or how mad you are at him. and will make you cry at the littlest things. he shows equal affection to every girl he knows, and because of that will probably end up breaking your heart. he's a lover not a fighter. but doesnt know how powerful his words can be. he always thinks he's done something wrong or screwed up in some way. he will always keep you wondering what is going on inside his head. and always keep you wondering on whether or not what he's saying is true. you will love and hate him all at the same time. but you will never want to leave him. He usually screws up on one end and doesn't know how to express his true feelings to that one special person and it will tear him apart
"Oh I just keep gettting mixed signals from Jonathon!"
by Duhman1987 October 20, 2012
An amazing person. The things he says will leave you smiling for days. He's so wise, sagacious, and so handsome. He's a so hilarious. And he's SUCH a sweetheart, the things he has in mind to do with his "forever" girlfriend are so cute, and amazing. He'll make you laugh so much. Overall has a kind heart, and is somewhat of a flirt with all the cute girls, but when he goes into a relationship he's truly committed. He deserves an amazing girlfriend. Usually has an amazing smile, and is VERY attractive. He is a great friend to have, and whoever becomes his girlfriend is one lucky, LUCKY girl. <3
by Truth1012 December 29, 2011
a sweet cool good sex guy who hits puberty young and the best boyfriend ever
ohh hes hot must be a jonathon
by grapys November 24, 2011
A crazy boy who takes too many baths and listens to his music really loud. He isn't the most attractive of his kind but there will always be one person who loves him for who he is.
"You had another bath last night. You're tuning into a Jonathon!"

"Turn that music down Jonathon!"
by youdontknowmelol99 December 22, 2012
jackass, ballsack, likes men, loves to suck cock.
Jonathon: wow did you here what jon did to me yesterday?!?!

he sucked my dick!!
by jon ballin wall December 18, 2013
The name of a paticuarly annoying friend or incident. Could be used to replace "moist".It is the word for someone or something that is so annoying or idiotic that it cannot be explained any other way.
"Dude, I had such a Jonathon day"

"I hate that guy. He's such a Jonathon"

"My girlfriend broke up with me"
"Jonathon times for you"
by don'tforgetthemilk1414 November 13, 2011

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