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To be cool, hip, hot
Were you at that gig last night
Yeah it was totally table.
Table man
by seamusm August 23, 2007
6 16
not a noun but an adjective

used to describe something that is particularly cool and brilliant
"Hey your new mobile phone is so table, dude!"

"SPIN 1038'S Breakfast Xpress with Joe and Keith is the most table radio show in Dublin Ireland, man!"
by Aideen SPIN 1038 August 24, 2007
3 15
A girl who is big and round; a fatty.
"Check it out, Ullas is hitting on a table!"

"Holy crap, this one's gotta weigh atleast 300 pounds"
by Torrid April 17, 2006
29 41
use similar to that of the slang word cool describing something admirable,
originating from Irish Radio station Spin 1038
thats very table, thats a table idea
by Johnny Anderson August 23, 2007
9 22