To be completely and utterly hammered. We're not just talking about being a little tipsy, were talking about a mild inability to stand up. This is way past the stage where your puking on the unfortunate person you're hitting on. This is like the stage right before you pass out completely and get your stomach pumped and romantic affairs with inanimate objects no longer seem that out of the question.
Ohhhhhhh maaan... i have no idea where i am, will you help meee? (grabs fork and starts talking to it) Noooo... I'm not drunk.(giggles) I've only had a couple of beeeeers. Dooo you luv meee??? I luuuv you... (passes out, wakes up in either the hospital, the county jail or someones front lawn with a very painful hangover)

Man I shouldn't have gotten so tabled last night... that was a badddd idea.
by Zkello February 28, 2009
Meaning to be extremely drunk, so drunk that you cannot get up from the table
Haha you should have seen him, he was completely tabled
by irishhellgirl June 05, 2006

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