a form of claiming objects, possessions, or services that supersedes the term Dibs
I swoops shotgun
by Bitches_bein_Bitche May 29, 2012
A Cigarette, or pack of Cigarettes
Brad: Hey man, can i bum a swoop off of you?
Tyler: Yea, of course.

Brett: You wanna go swoop with me?
Boris: Yes sir.

James: Hey did you buy another pack of Swoops yet?
Thomas: Yep, just re-upped
by FatMike09 April 12, 2010
Swoop is both a noun and a verb.
If someone is acting retarded they might be called a swoop.
If someone is in the act of saying or doing something incredibly stupid then they are swooping.
Tom: Hey my names Dan
Joe: What? your name is Tom. SWOOP

Tom: Yo, Dan had at least eleven shots and now he's puking all over Alyssa's bed.
John: Yeah man, he's straight swooping.
by wet pancakes March 13, 2010
To steal ones tags in any way, shape, or form in "Kill Confirmed" on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
#1 Swooper N/A: (Failcam) Add him on xbox, you won't fight him!
"Oh my gawd, I just swooped on lMac Miller!"
lMac Miller= Ten Cate El Oh El
"I just Swooped all over his face!"
"You can't Swoop Failcam or sB Kovu!"
by Failcam November 22, 2011
Verb: The act of dating or hooking up with your friend's EX girlfriend with or with out his consent. Whether it be his/her most recent or one from their past. Not to be confused with Supaswoon where you hook up with multiple EX's in a short amount of time.
"hey bro, remember that girl from the bar that you dated?"

"yeah, what about her?"
"consider it swooped!"
by The-Master-Ginge October 14, 2011
verb: to grab, steal, or take possession of
Since Joe wants to smoke, I'm gonna swoop shotgun while he's outside the car.
by junglelinguist January 19, 2011
1. taking things without permission, stealing
2. breaking into automobiles for the purpose of stealing the possessions
Shane and I went swooping last night and got two ipod chargers.
by Nate Dog from P.O. December 13, 2010
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