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Verb: The act of dating or hooking up with your friend's EX girlfriend with or with out his consent. Whether it be his/her most recent or one from their past. Not to be confused with Supaswoon where you hook up with multiple EX's in a short amount of time.
"hey bro, remember that girl from the bar that you dated?"

"yeah, what about her?"
"consider it swooped!"
by The-Master-Ginge October 14, 2011
Word used to describe a female when she wears girls clothing and male accessories. Usually looks very modern, sexy, and classy. Only girls can be swoop.
"Dude, check out that chick!" "Oh yeah, Definitely swoop, Bro."
by Miss.Mist October 24, 2010
A Cigarette, or pack of Cigarettes
Brad: Hey man, can i bum a swoop off of you?
Tyler: Yea, of course.

Brett: You wanna go swoop with me?
Boris: Yes sir.

James: Hey did you buy another pack of Swoops yet?
Thomas: Yep, just re-upped
by FatMike09 April 12, 2010
to get that
or to do something bad ass
Swoop Nigga Swoop on that bitch
by Nickkerrss March 20, 2009
When you are enjoying something or looking forward to something and someone comes along and unfairly takes it from you. Can be food, boys, girls, etc.
M: What's wrong H?
H: I was about to enjoy my orange and I turned my back and it got swooped!

H: What's wrong M?
M: I was with a cutie and another girl came and swooped on him!
by elanie-may May 16, 2011
1. taking things without permission, stealing
2. breaking into automobiles for the purpose of stealing the possessions
Shane and I went swooping last night and got two ipod chargers.
by Nate Dog from P.O. December 13, 2010
Noun. A high form of the dillettante class, a person who posts frequently on websites (or may actually moderate a forum) dedicated to the sport he/she purports to have a high skill / knowledge level in. Usually, he/she will "swoop" into a thread and offer stupid advice, or threaten to ban the thread entirely if it does not back up his anectdotal beliefs.
What a dick! Does this guy actually ride, or does he just sit around all day drinking mineral water, farting into his bib shorts, taking cheap shots at people who can ride circles around him? What a Swoop!
by swanktron February 21, 2010