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A sexy, smart guy.
Always looks well put together and is great in bed. :P
Sexy name and sexy guy. :P
"Wooh, see that hot guy?"
"Yep, he was a total hayden"
by thtswhtsup March 12, 2009
A term for a perfect man. Very handsome. Easy to talk to. Smooth talker. Loves music. Very down to earth :) You smile when you hear his name. When you find a Hayden, your world is complete.
"Why are you so happy?"

"I found my Hayden :)"
by bananaluv February 01, 2010
A hayden is when you link more then 3 girls in one swoop.
"dude guess what i done last night"
"what what!!"
" i only gone and done a hayden"
by bobbito December 26, 2007
A unisexual name. Most commonly male.

For Males: Guys named Hayden are the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. They have great senses of humor, and only focus on schoolwork when it's 100% necessary. They know how to crack a joke, but are very serious in relationships.

For Females: Girls named Hayden are special and don't realize it. They're beautiful, athletic, and and hopeless romantics. They are faithful, trusting, and make some of the most loyal friends and girlfriends.

When you get Hayden, don't let them go.

Girl One: "Whose that? He's gorgeous!"
Girl Two: "Oh, that's just Hayden!!"

Person One: "That's my best friend! She's the best!"
Person Two: "Oh, you mean Hayden?!"
by idkwhattotypehereee May 03, 2010
A Hayden is very smart but likes to hide it. He is sexy and confident. He is known as having a big ego but when really he doesn't think of himself like that, even though he acts it. Hayden is a very trustworthy person when you get to know them and the person you can tell all your problems to. He is kind when he wants to be and loves to crack the jokes. But watch out he is a flirt, he can make you fall in love with him without trying. If you have a Hayden in your life, you are very lucky.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there!! he's sexy but such a flirt.
Girl 2: Oh, that's Hayden for you.
by Beckster ;) August 05, 2012
A really cool guy, sexy and well put together.
Great in bed, usally hooks up with multiple girls!
Usally smart and laid back.
"Dude guess what happened"
"I got with 3 girls, i was a total hayden."
by boracle782 April 20, 2009
The best first boyfriend ever. He is a sweet and amazing boy with everything there is to love. He's pure country and has an amazing family who is supportive. He will be there for you through anything and everything. He is the love of my life and will be forever. He is my future and future husband.
You see that guy?
He is the Hayden of my life.
by Dancerlaurenn November 14, 2010
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