Swoops is a word to indicate the act of taking someone's seat, which can only be counter-acted by first saying, "No Swoops".
(Charlie gets up to get a beer) "Swoops, I got your chair biatch," says Eugene. "Damn, I forgot to call no swoops!" says Charlie.
#yoink #no-swoops #gainked #jacked #punked
by drakecake March 31, 2006
when a man or woman would end up with someone either out of their league or with someone no one expected
YO! Dan i saw you swoop for Kayla.
#out of your league #catch #swipe #steal yo gurl #get it
by xasor March 06, 2015
Being cut off in the middle of telling an entertaining fact to someone else when they say, "Oh yeah! I read that on Cracked too!"
"Did you know the original line in the Terminator was going to be-" "Oh yeah! 'I'll come back!' I saw that on Cracked!" "Goddamnit, don't swoop me!"
#stealing #joke #swoop #cracked #terminator
by pianohacker August 12, 2013
1) To get a female to come back with you from club/bar/class/grocery store (publix) etc. and bang her.

2) Refering to female intended to be an easy score by the end of the night.

Origination FSU Campus, used frequently in pi kappa alpha (pike) fraternity.
1) YO i swooped 2 bitches in one night!!

1) i) Yo how was last night bro?

ii) It was ight, swooped so it wasnt that bad.

2) Bring swoops to the house for pregame .
#swoop a hoe #swoop that bitch #swooped #swoop #swooping
by $$pimpinainteasy$$ February 13, 2011
verb: to pick up and transport person(s), usually in a car
We'll swoop by and get you guys on the way to the store.
#pick up #transport #transportation #scoop #grab #car
by junglelinguist January 18, 2011
I was in that car with that Swoop last night fam
Y'all some Swoop ass niggas bruh.
#hoe #thot #slut #whore #bitch
by , You Bitch Ass Nigga February 13, 2015
to pick up a card (after playing) that is precisely the card you should have played (as in card games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity).
"Damn, "Tasteful Sideboob"! I just got swooped!"
#games #cards #humanity #misfortune #fate
by montrose March 08, 2014
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