Word used to describe a female when she wears girls clothing and male accessories. Usually looks very modern, sexy, and classy. Only girls can be swoop.
"Dude, check out that chick!" "Oh yeah, Definitely swoop, Bro."
#modern #fly #sexy #classy #chick
by Miss.Mist October 24, 2010
To utterly and finally win or complete something; To achieve a sought-after objective.
Jack: You fuck Lucy last night?
Reginald: You kidding me? Fuckin' swooped her.

Matt: Wuu2?
Raj: Just swooped that math homework.
Matt: Bet you swooped insert girl on friday?
#own #defeat #shag #pwn #pown #bone #win
by Xiye February 24, 2010
to get that
or to do something bad ass
Swoop Nigga Swoop on that bitch
#swoop #get that #hit that #nigga #swooped
by Nickkerrss March 20, 2009
When you are enjoying something or looking forward to something and someone comes along and unfairly takes it from you. Can be food, boys, girls, etc.
M: What's wrong H?
H: I was about to enjoy my orange and I turned my back and it got swooped!

H: What's wrong M?
M: I was with a cutie and another girl came and swooped on him!
#swoop #swooped #stolen #taken #swooped up
by elanie-may May 16, 2011
The art form of approaching a member of the opposite sex whom you are attracted to. There are many moves one may play, such as the "Have you seen my dog running around here?" or the oldie-but-goodie "O I dropped my pencil(right next to you)"
"Dude, Nathan is totally about to swoop on Jessica."
"Watch him go dude!"

"So the fat chick just swooped on me."
"How'd that go?"
"She tried the whole 'O i dropped my pencil maneuver'-I hope she never tries that again"
#picking up women #pick up artist #hitting on #girls #guys
by KgdaOG September 22, 2007
To steal,or take something.Typically,with out the owner of whatever you stole knowing.
employee:hey,where'd that shirt go?
girl: SWOOP!
#steal #burgler #rob #take #funny
by ruhchael March 13, 2010
An extremely high performance landing of a skydivers parachute commenced by making a low turn
The parachutist swooped across the pond going 75 miles per hour.
#swooper #swooping #swooped #swoope #swoops
by isthisonetakentoo September 10, 2009
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