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Surreptitiously checking Urban Dictionary during a game of Cards Against Humanity, because you have no idea what the card you just drew means.
When I drew the "Swooping" card, I knew I would be swooping it.
by MenschMaschine October 19, 2012
the act of swimming while pooping.
In a tragic swooping incident, Michael Phelps won the gold but lost his dignity;
bill had a burrito before going in the ocean and he started swooping;
Sorry I swooped in your pool;
I was swooping non-stop after taking a laxative before swim team practice.
by SwoopDoggyDog July 06, 2013
To put the moves on somebody who's been rejected by their desired. This is a card in Urban Dictionary and nobody knows what it means. This is the actual meaning.
Guy 1: "I hooked up with Andrea last weekend."
Guy 2: "Really? It seemed like she was into Steven."
Guy 1: "He wasn't feeling it so I swooped in."
Guy 2: "Wow, you are really good at swooping."
by Mr Cnowledge December 08, 2014
The act of a judge interrupting the start of the match, after presentation, but before cards are drawn to acquire the decks of 2 players in order to perform a deck check.
Swooping is similar to pouncing, diving, preying, collecting, descending but not quite.
by Jalum Grifter January 14, 2014
A term used by commissioned salespeople to describe the act of stealing a customer from another salesperson. Swooping is a thing that often happens by accident. When salespeople swoop on purpose, it makes them into a swooper, and swoopers are dicks.
-Dave: "Weren't you showing that customer those camera lenses?"
-Sarah: "Yeah, but I went to go check the backstock and Nick swooped me."

-Dave: "I hate Nick. He is always swooping my deals!"
Sarah: "Yeah, what a dick."
by Mr Cnowledge February 15, 2015
In skydiving. High speed, high performance landing.
Pond swooping is a form of competitive parachuting wherein canopy pilots attempt to touch down at a glide across a small body of water, and onto the shore.
by voytec January 11, 2012
(Verb). Sweaty pooping.

Also, the act of spontaneously pooping after experiencing swamp ass.
Damn, it's hot in here. I'm going to start swooping any minute now.
by Pancho Bromo April 12, 2016
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