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Surreptitiously checking Urban Dictionary during a game of Cards Against Humanity, because you have no idea what the card you just drew means.
When I drew the "Swooping" card, I knew I would be swooping it.
by MenschMaschine October 19, 2012
the act of swimming while pooping.
In a tragic swooping incident, Michael Phelps won the gold but lost his dignity;
bill had a burrito before going in the ocean and he started swooping;
Sorry I swooped in your pool;
I was swooping non-stop after taking a laxative before swim team practice.
by SwoopDoggyDog July 06, 2013
The act of a judge interrupting the start of the match, after presentation, but before cards are drawn to acquire the decks of 2 players in order to perform a deck check.
Swooping is similar to pouncing, diving, preying, collecting, descending but not quite.
by Jalum Grifter January 14, 2014
In skydiving. High speed, high performance landing.
Pond swooping is a form of competitive parachuting wherein canopy pilots attempt to touch down at a glide across a small body of water, and onto the shore.
by voytec January 11, 2012
The act by a male friend of intervening to protect a female companion from being disturbed by an unwanted male
Swooping: At a club some flithy banana is grinding your girls the swooper has the duty of removing said bannana
by banana removalers October 23, 2010
The act or process of a man trying to seduce his friend, or any other man's woman. Which is completely wrong and messed up to do thus naming the male a swooper.
Dude, you know Maria is with John. Stop swooping in on her you filthy smut.
by Brendan Lyons January 24, 2006
dress to impress
I came to school swooping my red and black shoes, jeans, and red and black sweatshirt.
by nmjcchristmas November 04, 2010