an emo person has/is this.
it is were the hair (bangs)are covering
the entire eye of the person with the swoop.
"I think that swoop is going to go home and cut himself/herself."
#emo #cutting #scary #penis bear #penis brittle #box
by Paul Zunkle October 10, 2007
swoop meaning to pick someone, a item up.
for example, i swooped up on huffys beer.
meaning i took huffy's beer.
#swooped #picked up #scene #san jose #allison
by kaylakurbstomp June 21, 2007
To take an object such as a beezy while someone working hard to get that object leaves for a short time.
While Ari went to the bathroom, Rodney swooped on her.
#jack #swoopage #yoink #slide in #steal
by swooper March 19, 2007
The move a girl pulls when trying to check out a guys package and see if the juice is worth the squeeze.
Johnny and Rhonda were getting hot and heavy before she pulled a swoop and had to bail.
#cop a feel #check out the goodies #explore #feel blindly #stroke
by Meg P. September 13, 2006
to pass, and cut off someone while on the freeway
I just swooped that nigga
by Miles February 15, 2005
To get to know someone real good, then go in for the kill.
"I made this chic thing I was a good friend, then I swooped in and fucked the hell out of her."
by Da Craker February 21, 2003
Noun. A high form of the dillettante class, a person who posts frequently on websites (or may actually moderate a forum) dedicated to the sport he/she purports to have a high skill / knowledge level in. Usually, he/she will "swoop" into a thread and offer stupid advice, or threaten to ban the thread entirely if it does not back up his anectdotal beliefs.
What a dick! Does this guy actually ride, or does he just sit around all day drinking mineral water, farting into his bib shorts, taking cheap shots at people who can ride circles around him? What a Swoop!
#poseur #cycling #fixie #douchebag #dillettante
by liedown February 21, 2010
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