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to pass, and cut off someone while on the freeway
I just swooped that nigga
by Miles February 15, 2005
To get to know someone real good, then go in for the kill.
"I made this chic thing I was a good friend, then I swooped in and fucked the hell out of her."
by Da Craker February 21, 2003
to poop in a car and then swipe it on the street
that jerk just swooped on the road.
by hollaa October 05, 2006
to take or steal something or someone from someone else
i'm gonna swoop his girl.
i swooped on his CD player
by Alex Primeaux October 02, 2004
To acquire something without paying for it.
I put the swoop on the clothes at Hollister.
by jay_121985 August 17, 2003
To be swooped by a vulture
Swoop! Grasped! Children!
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
the act of avoiding an unwanted act of affection
Dude I went out with this guy last night, and as I was saying good-bye he leaned in to kiss me but I swooped him and gave him a hug instead.
by Jennifer and Deanna May 08, 2008