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1. to publicly expose one's emotions on one's facebook wall; a twist on the old phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve."
2. to communicate feelings and thoughts specific to one person by posting on one's facebook wall, knowing the specific person will see the post on his/her newsfeed
Suzie's facebook wall post: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Mark: So, you and Suzie broke up, huh?
Johnny: How do you know that?
Mark: Well, she does tend to wear her heart on her wall.
by junglelinguist July 23, 2011
verb: to pick up and transport person(s) or item(s), usually in a car
Are you gonna scoop these movie passes before they expire, or should I use them?
by junglelinguist January 18, 2011
noun: increased anxiety and tendency toward error experienced by the user of a computer or other interactive electronic device, caused by the presence of an observer or observers, and directly proportional to the number of observers, the importance of the personal and/or professional relationship of the device user with said observer(s), and/or the nature of the device content or device user's activity
1. "When my boss stopped at my desk to watch me type up that memo I got serious typefright. I made all sorts of mistakes I wouldn't usually make."

2. "Sorry about the weird message; I got typefright when my boyfriend sat down next to me while I was texting you about his surprise birthday party."
by junglelinguist January 15, 2011
verb: to pick up and transport person(s), usually in a car
We'll swoop by and get you guys on the way to the store.
by junglelinguist January 18, 2011
verb: to grab, steal, or take possession of
Since Joe wants to smoke, I'm gonna swoop shotgun while he's outside the car.
by junglelinguist January 19, 2011

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