Swizzle was an inexpensive wine similar to Ripple. Both appeared on the market at about the same time, in about 1968 or 1969. Like Ripple, Swizzle was sweet and fruit flavored and came in 12 oz. bottles.

Their popularity came from the effect wine has on women. (If you plan on getting layed - what other reason is there?, you have to be careful that they don't get sick and pass out.)

About a year later, Boone's Farm and Annie Green Springs appeared on the market in one liter bottles along with a less well known wine drink called Ariba, which was 20% alcohol.

The latter had a reputation as a "sneaky Pete" because you could slip them to a date who could normally guzzle the 11% beverages all night while keeping her mouth running and her knees together.
With a six pack of Swizzle (or Ariba) you could get her home from the drive-in movies by one and just dump her and her clothes out on her front lawn and go home and get a good night's sleep. (Some ppl hafta work!)
by Jubilation T. Corndog April 27, 2007
100% Natural Spice
Dang...This Swizzle is the shizzle.
by Moroni Rose September 15, 2011
A cross between Sweet and Fizzle. As in something is great.
Tom: That shirt is swizzle.
by Tobinator9229 June 05, 2009
This word essentially originated from gibberish and was probably uttered for the first time by a rather excited, fumbling six year old.
However, upon the evolution of the gibberish part of the english lanugage, it has been taken to mean:
sexy/cool/awesome/hot( sizzle with a "w")/ 'Sweet!!!'
in no particular context.
Plus its a word that's fun to shout out and helps in the formation of saliva suds :)
"Swizzle!check out those buns!!!"
by B&P March 30, 2006
Ghetto way of sayin sweet.
I had a swizzle tasting pink taco last night.
by cartman5000 August 11, 2004
Swizzle - meaning friend, pal, bro, dude, homie, buddy, comrade, sidekick, compadre'. Swizzle is similar to a fraternity, if your a swizzle...you know it.
I wouldn't do this favor for just anyone, but hes a swizzle.
by Hucklebee Homeperm January 30, 2010
women who sleep with guys for attention. also known as a cape, jumpoff, or scotra
flac dont love no swizzles they dirty birds
by flacEZ July 27, 2008

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