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The very last year of high school. At the end of this school year comes graduation. Most kids are relieved that the hell of homework, drama, friends, and boring shit is over.
YES! I'm finally a high school senior! I've been in the fucking school system for the past 12 years. 12 years of hell! It's over! WOOO graduation!
by xxxcore April 05, 2006
Somebody who has worked their way up to a high level and can be classed as senior. Someone who deserves respect as senior man/woman.

Can also refer to older members of our society.
Anthony; Go and clean up over there please
Timmy; Ok you are more senior than me
by Maverick Corleone January 20, 2007
seniors in high school, who don't give a shit, count down til graduation day, give up on almost everything, get into the most trouble, dislike every junior, and basically says "fuck it."
The seniors plan their senior skip day for every month.
by hilaryx8 April 03, 2008
By far, probably one of the best year out of all four.
Pretty exciting, everyone wants to be you, full of great
Class of 2009 seniors is taking over the world!
by Jazminfggo January 14, 2009
Last year of high school. Basically there to tear shit up. Last chance to not give a fuck before stepping out into the real world. Last homecomings. Last chance to play sports for some of us. Last chance to show people who you are. The year where you go balls out.
Freshmen girl- "OMG is he a senior?!"
Other freshmen girl-"yes"
Freshmen girl 1-"What a badass"
by marissaandjosh;D July 23, 2012
Seniors are made to destroy any self confidence that freshman may have gained in their past 8 years of schooling. And they do a fantastic job.
Seniors, I applaud you.
by jesssicannnn7 August 05, 2010
A senile old man or woman who has forgotten how to drive and is allowed far too many priveledges just for living through this hell we call life regardless of all their retirement benefits and 401k plans.
1. Dude, that senior in the Buick almost ran over my kid.

2. Old man: Can I have the senior discount?
Today's wayward youth: You just got a social security check for $300,000! Why should you get a discount?
Old man: Because I'm old.
Today's wayward youth: Go to hell!
by Timbolicious November 20, 2007
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