v. the act of propelling a caster board forward, or of moving your body in such a manner as to propel a caster board forward.
n. the motion required to propel a caster board forward.
"Dude, you need to swizzle more, or you're not going to get enough speed."
"You're swizzle needs some work, but it's not bad for a beginner."
by The Choracle October 21, 2007
low grade marijuana. synonymous with shwag.
i know your broke ass is smokin on some swizzle.
by slickmanbrian February 28, 2006
An adjective used to describe objects you like. Interchangeable with swiz.
Dude that new cd is swizzle
by Carter SN October 01, 2005
The act of stirring a drink wit your cock
Keep an eye on Richie when he mixes you a scotch and coke as he is likely to swizzle it.
by Lane Meyer June 11, 2005

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