To have an affinity for
Yo playa, Shauniquwa been straight up sweating you.
by Studtaco February 26, 2003
Verb. Bothering, nagging, crushing, extreme care/occupation with someone you are jealous or in love with. What someone does when they have a deep crush on you, that it becomes annoying. In love, obsessed with another so much to a fault. The person stating it disrespects, dismisses the person who sweats them.
Tina says mean things to me because she sweats me. Boy to girl who likes him: she calls me all the time, she sweats me.
by xbevil July 16, 2005
To be in love, lust or obsessed with a person. A strong attraction.
Guy 1- So I was talking to my mom on the phone and she told me to tell you hello.

Guy 2- Yeah, it's because she totally sweats me.
by akdre April 17, 2009
to interrogate someone, usually under a hot light, thus making them sweat.

2. To give someone a hard time
yo, why you sweatin me dawg?
by haknasty September 01, 2003
To sweat on something, esp. in terms of games, can be to play it extensively and tryhard, usually ending up with them getting to things like high levels in a short time.
Did you hear about Matt? He sweated on that Call of Duty game that came out yesterday; he's already level 30!
by SomeEpicDude December 22, 2013
To work overly hard, or try to hard
Dude you've been in that library for days, you're such a sweat
by Mystrangelife March 15, 2015
Verb: to sweat

Most commonly used in poker.. Sitting behind someone and watching while they play and show you their cards.
Also used in any sort of betting or situation where you are waiting for a win/outcome.
"I have $500 on the Bears game."
"Nice! I'm watching the game right now, i'll sweat it with you."

"I'm going to play poker.. you can sweat me if you want to learn."
by HollyPopp October 09, 2013

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