Verb: to sweat

Most commonly used in poker.. Sitting behind someone and watching while they play and show you their cards.
Also used in any sort of betting or situation where you are waiting for a win/outcome.
"I have $500 on the Bears game."
"Nice! I'm watching the game right now, i'll sweat it with you."

"I'm going to play poker.. you can sweat me if you want to learn."
by HollyPopp October 09, 2013
A word used by some to refer to leggings or yoga pants. Especially persons from certain areas of Oregon.
Girl: After i went swimming at the Y it was cold so i put on my sweats--

Boy: Sweats or leggings?
by hawtanal February 21, 2013
A group of Scottish people or Jocks
Look at those sweats drinking Irn Bru
by Ray Murrell March 11, 2008
the new word for cool...use instead of sweet!
"Hey Joe I just found a six pack in the fridge!"
"Totally sweat!"
by jimmyjam2314 February 10, 2010
This refers to sweating.
"You've got many sweats," uttered by Tenzin Choegyal (a Tibetan living in Dharmsala, India) while hiking in the Grand Canyon with Gregory V. Richardson on 15 March 2004.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 22, 2004
tasty gravy for wolves
Be sure to wear good deodorant when wearing your meat poncho as sweat is like tasty gravy for wolves!
by i<3funnycommercials January 17, 2011
Expression of mild exasperation with regard to an incident of some minor but unwanted personal consequence.
That sweats.
by Jon December 26, 2003

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