To be obsessed; to be overly attached to someone.
This girl keeps calling, following me, and is always up my ass! She needs to stop sweating me!
#obsess #cling #to be on your ass #to be up your ass #attach
by xp0rcelainx September 11, 2010
An alternative to the over used word of sweet
"Man I just got a new car"

#sweet #awesome #cool #rightous #radical
by GusMan November 19, 2007
verb, to think highly of
"I sweat kayaking."
"Yeah, kayaking's the balls!"
by Hooty MCBoob February 25, 2005
Spirit of the flesh.
Moisture given off though physical or mental expenditure.
by soulmate July 02, 2004
when someone steals an idea from you or likes something you have
"Yo, man, you totally sweat me!"
by stef October 24, 2003
1. What people write when they actually meant "sweet".

2. Perspiration
by Sweet October 03, 2003
What makes people stink and become wet if they don't wear deoderant/anti-persperant.
Man, that bitch needs to shave her armpits and start wearing Secret, because her sweat is making her smell like straight asscrack.
by Chi Chi Gonzalez August 24, 2003
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