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Someone who has loadsa money.
He/she is flush
by soulmate June 30, 2004
Buttering is self serving behaviour.. In order to get your own way.
Stop buttering me up.

No worries... I can butter him/her up anytime.
by soulmate June 30, 2004
the ultimate in greatness
I wish I was meghal, she is the ultimate in greatness.
by soulmate February 16, 2005
A colloquial term (from the South) used in reference to money.... A pound.
Hey thats my dosh. Give us miquid you owe me.
by soulmate July 07, 2004
A sexually deviant IT technician.
He/she is a bitech
by soulmate July 02, 2004
A luxurious abode.
Similar to castle but without turrets.
by soulmate July 02, 2004
First and foremost; On top of the list, an original kind of guy, smooth and easy.
No 1 guy... Easy to trust, who is honest, easy going and everything a gal wants... He's a real initialE
by soulmate July 07, 2004

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