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To vomit.
I straight drank to much tequilla, i have to boot!
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
To be unatrractive, lame, or boring.
Yo, that party was busted so we bounced.

I would never date him, he was straight busted.

That movie was so busted I fell alseep.
by Studtaco February 24, 2003
To get rid of. To eradicate.
I want a BLT but could you 86 the bacon?
Yo fool, 86 your shoes, they dont match!
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
Money, One who spends a lot of money
"Yo, shes got mad scrilla, we're gonna rock the mall later."

"Scrilla in Manila, shlong in Hong Kong"
by studtaco February 25, 2003
All set, good to go, pearl
You okay man? You got hit kinda hard there.
Yeah, i'm straight
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
To have an affinity for
Yo playa, Shauniquwa been straight up sweating you.
by Studtaco February 26, 2003
An amount of cool.
The scale of how much somthing is.
A wicked amount...
Used primarily in New England
Yo that playa is wicked sketchy.
That concert was wicked hot.
by Studtaco March 26, 2003

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