an idiot that stands on a piece of wood whens hes not busy getting rejected from university, misspelling sentences and sucking dick.
normal person: "Yep"
by surferguy4444 May 15, 2009
a cool laid back guy or girl. loves to surf, would rather do that then anything elce in he world. very mellow, sexy, not black, and pretty much the coolest breed of human there is.
i wish i could be a surfer and get all the chicks like they do.
by lil ricky May 19, 2007
an extremely talented person who has the ability to balance on a piece of fiberglass about 6 feet long and 18 inches wide on a wave. the sport is dominated by males who are too aggressive and need to learn the etiquette of being out on the water, i.e. my cousin john. after that stupid movie blue crush came out, beaches were flooded with stupid girls trying to surf like the girls in the movie. these people yelled things like " surfs up!" and "radical dude!" these things are very degrading to those of us who surf and talk nothing like that. female surfers (like me) are extremely special, they have skill and aptience to sit out in the water for hours with a bunch of animals ( guys) and risk flashing an entire beach while surfing in bikinis.
i surf man, those stupid sluts dont know what the fuck they are doing out here!
by surfchick April 05, 2003
The ART of balancin on a highly expensive and highly damagable (fukin dings i h8 em) piece of fiber glass.
Not just wearin the cloths cloths r 4 posers wots rong wit the wife bashin singlet from target huh $6 can get ya a long way.
Not wearin the cloths, then callin yaself a surfer.
Blue crush was the biggest shame to the surfin culture ever. (FUCK U)
that woz keggin bazzas
no skool 4 me im goin 4 a surf
by talis May 17, 2004
Someone who lives for the search of finding new and exotic waves to surf. They love to ride waves, and they love to just be in the water either with great friends or by themselves, whether its 2 feet or 20 Feet, this person is happy and has a smile on their face. Also a surfer is a humble person who tries to spread happiness and good vibes to all. Oh, and they are always looking for that next sick barrel.
Random Guy: "Hey buddy, i always wanted to try the sport of surfing, whats it like?"

Surfer: "Whats up bro, its not just a sport dude, its a lifestyle, and its fucking amazing, haha. Its the only sport that gives back."
by HankTheSkank August 12, 2015

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