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5 definitions by Cheeks1128

A male who's pee stream is strong and forceful.

A man who's pee splashes and makes loud noise.

Being the loudest pisser in a public restroom.
Holy crap, that dude in the stall next to me was a streamweaver.

I have to pee really bad, but I'm no streamweaver.

As I was washing my hands, I heard one of the loudest streamweavers ever. I had to get his autograph.
by cheeks1128 February 04, 2010
The art of leaving streaks in the toilet after taking a dump.

The residue left in the toilet after a good crap.
Bob, what the hell did you eat? You left some major porcelain paint!

After that burrito last night, I'm going to leave some porcelain paint.
by cheeks1128 February 04, 2010
1. A West Coast person (usually a Californian) that doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

2. Surfers who aren't very smart.
Marco thought those oranges were apples, what a Lemon Surfer!

Dude, California is awesome, don't be such a lemon surfer!
by Cheeks1128 February 02, 2010
Long sweaters worn by obese womean to hide the actual size of their ass.

A woman who hides her true obesity by wearing long sweaters draped over her fat ass.
Alice wore a bum smuggler on her date to hide her big ass.

That girl has a fine face, but I think she is a bum smuggler.
by cheeks1128 February 05, 2010
The smallest, skinniest guy at the gym.

A skinny person, usually undefined, who has no business being at the gym.

An undefined weightlifter who is to thin to be taken serious.
That gympuff couldn't lift 10 lbs.

Like that guy can really lift weights, what a gympuff!
by Cheeks1128 February 04, 2010