1. a person who enjoys and engages in the act of surfing

2. a sterotype often seen in movies. Includes: wearing long shorts, an unbuttoned, sleeveless, colorful, flowered shirt of some kind, sunglasses, a tan, long bleached blonde hair, and saying things like "DUDE" and GNARLY" and "WHOA, CHECK THAT OUT DEWD" and other nonsensical, yet somewhat amusing expressions like that. Often stoned as well.
1. a man/women who surfs in Hawaii, or California, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam.

2. Michaelangelo from the Ninja Turtles & Jeff Spicoli of Ridgemont High,
by The Unsilent Majority July 09, 2003
Me and other people who have the balance to continuosly ride waves. No, we don't say "Surf's up radical dude!" Thats bullshit you steryotypical bitches
Me and Surfchick are surfers. (You speak the truth Surfchick!!)
by Aleu April 26, 2003
A girl (or perhaps a homosexual male) of loose moral fiber - if it swells, she will ride it.
Dad: "Check out that naughty Mary Jane Rottenbox over there sleazing onto that guy."

Son: "Looks like a surfer to me - I think he's gonna pork her."

Dad: "Son, he's not gonna pork her."
by JT Amish March 03, 2011
to buy one gram of a drug mostly weed
Yo, let me get 2 surfers, for 15 foot waves.
by Gee19 June 09, 2009
like me who are acctually good enough to acctally surf, and we dont say "radical dude" or anything stearyotypical like that and are not always stoned.
Actuall surfers are not posers and say they surf when all they do is bodyboard or have been once to a surf lesson.
Kelly Slater, Guts Griffiths, Alan Stokes
by Dan February 25, 2005
one of few who are brothers and sisters of all ocean dwelling creatures the envy of many a non surfer
WTF is up with land locked ppl trying to dress like surfers its a lifestyle not a fashion statment you nunce
WTF is up with the new generation of surfers where's the soul brah BTW I hate tourists that crowd SoCal beaches and the black ball shite the yanks do here in Nz and Oz we run those bitches over ats wot their there for aint it?
by BaddAssKiwi April 15, 2004
people who have skill to stay out on the water for hours (like me) that get alot of crap for it when we dare venture outside of surf-friendly states. Be nicer to surfers, it IS a sport
people who ARNT on blue crush.. >.<"
by hannah December 06, 2003

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