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Me and other people who have the balance to continuosly ride waves. No, we don't say "Surf's up radical dude!" Thats bullshit you steryotypical bitches
Me and Surfchick are surfers. (You speak the truth Surfchick!!)
by Aleu April 26, 2003
115 158
A surfer can be anyone who would love to sit in the ocean surfing rather than talking to chicks on the beach. Usually surfs because he/she feels free in the water. As far as style goes, its very different. Most "surfers" just wear a t shirt, flip flops or comfortable shoes, and boardshorts. Tends to get put into the hippie genre. Usually listens to calm, beachy music, i.e. reggae, old rock, etc. A common belief is that a surfer smokes marijuana constantly. While we do smoke, its very hard to do dawn patrol after a night of smoking, so we pass. Surfing is better than smoking.
Fake surfer to girl: Yea I get paid to surf
Girl: Oh wow thats hot
Real surfer walking by to himself: Man, he is a tool. This swell is perfect. Cant wait.
by Brolin the Kid November 08, 2009
12 56
Someone who love surfing and does it cause its fun. they dont say dumb shit like gnarly or radical (but u mite hear radical if they're talking about board shapes in a technical way) they just love having fun surfing. Just because you wear billabong or quiksilver doesnt make u a surfer( even though some surfers may wear those types of clothes) and u dont have to be tan with long blonde hair ( look at some of the ASP surfers and you will see what i mean )actually real surfers might be whiter than posers because theyre in their wetsuits all day. almost no surfers get high or get drunk all the time because its really hard to surf hungover.
poser: yo wats upp brahh lets go ride some gnarly waves with my radical board

surfer: hey lets go surf
by surfintr May 06, 2009
7 51
A person who doesn't care about plastic or any other clique so long they now there a surfer. A surfer is not just a person who says dude or radical or totally a lot they are just wannabee's, a surfer is someone that actually surfs.Surfers are really laid back and can not be contained they are free.Sometimes surfers can be very funny.
surfer:hey i just got a new animal board do u wnna come down to the beach on the weekend and see if we can catch some waves?

wannabee:uhh dude...
by lizzie.g February 02, 2008
14 58
to buy one gram of a drug mostly weed
Yo, let me get 2 surfers, for 15 foot waves.
by Gee19 June 09, 2009
4 49
an idiot that stands on a piece of wood whens hes not busy getting rejected from university, misspelling sentences and sucking dick.
normal person: "Yep"
by surferguy4444 May 15, 2009
189 234
1. a person who enjoys and engages in the act of surfing

2. a sterotype often seen in movies. Includes: wearing long shorts, an unbuttoned, sleeveless, colorful, flowered shirt of some kind, sunglasses, a tan, long bleached blonde hair, and saying things like "DUDE" and GNARLY" and "WHOA, CHECK THAT OUT DEWD" and other nonsensical, yet somewhat amusing expressions like that. Often stoned as well.
1. a man/women who surfs in Hawaii, or California, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam.

2. Michaelangelo from the Ninja Turtles & Jeff Spicoli of Ridgemont High,
by The Unsilent Majority July 09, 2003
69 114