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surfing isnt a sport its a way of life. and fukheads who think theyr surfers cos theyv got a pricy bord need 2 try gettin up at 5 30 to catch 7 ft waves. for any1 who wants 2 no the ranks go stant up surfers, knee borders, then ya got ur dick dragers or body boards even there higher than the posers.
poser talk: this is narly dude.
his mate: totaly man
bull shit we dnt tlk like this
by afford October 16, 2007
A surfer is, in general, somebody who surfs, to me, what brands (if any) they wear and how they dress is insignificant. All a surfer has to do to be a surfer is to surf and enjoy it for what it is, not caring about their image and having fun. Yes, I admit, I do wear brands like billabong, but you're just as likely to see me wearing a plain white T and other non branded clothes, image is not important. Yes there are a lot of posers, those who bodyboard and make out they can surf. I actually live several hundred miles away from my nearest decent surfing beach and try and go as regularly as possible, I am the first to admit I am not very good but I have fun learning new tricks and that's what counts, you don't need branded clothes and a stereotype for that. As far as speach and getting stoned goes, most surfers I have met talk normally, and getting stoned...well, that's a stupid idea and shows how little people know, as it would be very dangerous and a downright stupid thing to do!
stereotype: there is no stereotype for a surfer, if you are genuine, but i guess if not, it would go along the lines of....

long bleached hair, branded clothing, long boardshorts, tanned, vw camper van, talks like 'gnarly dude, check out those sick waves!' or something to that extent, flip flops and in general someone who wears clothes intended for surfing in the everyday world.
by EddCrook88 August 31, 2006
people who have skill to stay out on the water for hours (like me) that get alot of crap for it when we dare venture outside of surf-friendly states. Be nicer to surfers, it IS a sport
people who ARNT on blue crush.. >.<"
by hannah December 06, 2003
1. a person who enjoys and engages in the act of surfing

2. a sterotype often seen in movies. Includes: wearing long shorts, an unbuttoned, sleeveless, colorful, flowered shirt of some kind, sunglasses, a tan, long bleached blonde hair, and saying things like "DUDE" and GNARLY" and "WHOA, CHECK THAT OUT DEWD" and other nonsensical, yet somewhat amusing expressions like that. Often stoned as well.
1. a man/women who surfs in Hawaii, or California, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam.

2. Michaelangelo from the Ninja Turtles & Jeff Spicoli of Ridgemont High,
by The Unsilent Majority July 09, 2003
Me and other people who have the balance to continuosly ride waves. No, we don't say "Surf's up radical dude!" Thats bullshit you steryotypical bitches
Me and Surfchick are surfers. (You speak the truth Surfchick!!)
by Aleu April 26, 2003
A girl (or perhaps a homosexual male) of loose moral fiber - if it swells, she will ride it.
Dad: "Check out that naughty Mary Jane Rottenbox over there sleazing onto that guy."

Son: "Looks like a surfer to me - I think he's gonna pork her."

Dad: "Son, he's not gonna pork her."
by JT Amish March 03, 2011
an idiot that stands on a piece of wood whens hes not busy getting rejected from university, misspelling sentences and sucking dick.
normal person: "Yep"
by surferguy4444 May 15, 2009