police. why do i have to have 3 words and 20 letters?
hide the drugs here comes da surfers
by doebler August 18, 2006
Someone with the patience to sit out on the ocean for hours waiting for the right wave to come along and pick them up. No, we don't say things like "Radical dude!", "Surfs up", and walk around with longass shorts with a billabong T-shirt on and dreadlocks. That's all stereotypical and anyone who does that is a dumbass poseur and should rethink thier lives. I've been surfing 5 hours everyday day all summer (50+ days) for the past 4 years and have never seen a real surfer who does any of those things.
Poseur: Surfs up dude, Ima grab my 20 ft board and stand up out on the water!

Surfer: #### you man, these waves are only 3 ft high but I'm gonna try and ride em anyway.
by Weasel August 06, 2004
A surfer can be anyone who would love to sit in the ocean surfing rather than talking to chicks on the beach. Usually surfs because he/she feels free in the water. As far as style goes, its very different. Most "surfers" just wear a t shirt, flip flops or comfortable shoes, and boardshorts. Tends to get put into the hippie genre. Usually listens to calm, beachy music, i.e. reggae, old rock, etc. A common belief is that a surfer smokes marijuana constantly. While we do smoke, its very hard to do dawn patrol after a night of smoking, so we pass. Surfing is better than smoking.
Fake surfer to girl: Yea I get paid to surf
Girl: Oh wow thats hot
Real surfer walking by to himself: Man, he is a tool. This swell is perfect. Cant wait.
by Brolin the Kid November 08, 2009
Someone who love surfing and does it cause its fun. they dont say dumb shit like gnarly or radical (but u mite hear radical if they're talking about board shapes in a technical way) they just love having fun surfing. Just because you wear billabong or quiksilver doesnt make u a surfer( even though some surfers may wear those types of clothes) and u dont have to be tan with long blonde hair ( look at some of the ASP surfers and you will see what i mean )actually real surfers might be whiter than posers because theyre in their wetsuits all day. almost no surfers get high or get drunk all the time because its really hard to surf hungover.
poser: yo wats upp brahh lets go ride some gnarly waves with my radical board

surfer: hey lets go surf
by surfintr May 06, 2009
A person who doesn't care about plastic or any other clique so long they now there a surfer. A surfer is not just a person who says dude or radical or totally a lot they are just wannabee's, a surfer is someone that actually surfs.Surfers are really laid back and can not be contained they are free.Sometimes surfers can be very funny.
surfer:hey i just got a new animal board do u wnna come down to the beach on the weekend and see if we can catch some waves?

wannabee:uhh dude...
by lizzie.g February 02, 2008
A surfer is, in general, somebody who surfs, to me, what brands (if any) they wear and how they dress is insignificant. All a surfer has to do to be a surfer is to surf and enjoy it for what it is, not caring about their image and having fun. Yes, I admit, I do wear brands like billabong, but you're just as likely to see me wearing a plain white T and other non branded clothes, image is not important. Yes there are a lot of posers, those who bodyboard and make out they can surf. I actually live several hundred miles away from my nearest decent surfing beach and try and go as regularly as possible, I am the first to admit I am not very good but I have fun learning new tricks and that's what counts, you don't need branded clothes and a stereotype for that. As far as speach and getting stoned goes, most surfers I have met talk normally, and getting stoned...well, that's a stupid idea and shows how little people know, as it would be very dangerous and a downright stupid thing to do!
stereotype: there is no stereotype for a surfer, if you are genuine, but i guess if not, it would go along the lines of....

long bleached hair, branded clothing, long boardshorts, tanned, vw camper van, talks like 'gnarly dude, check out those sick waves!' or something to that extent, flip flops and in general someone who wears clothes intended for surfing in the everyday world.
by EddCrook88 August 31, 2006
A person who actually surfs, and has some talent in the sport. NOT someone who has taken a few lessons, or bought a board just because they had the money to do so. Many people have tried to emulate surfers over the course of the past few years by buying the surf brands (quiksilver, billabong, roxy, Lost...), but have only earned themselves the name POSEUR. Actual surfers, normally pretty chill people, see poseurs as some of the most irritating people on earth.
Over-commercialization has taken over the sport and now tons of teenage girls (sometimes boys) who think or pretend they surf have invaded the territory.

My friends and I who surf competitively feel like strangling these people.

Go play on your body boards, youre not surfers.

LIKE OMGZZZZZZZ i totalllly just did a cutt bakkkkk on my radical surfboard dude and dudette!!! LIKE I SHRED!
by REAL surfer February 25, 2006

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