What a Brummie sits on in his living room while he's watching tv
Ah fucken loov me big comfy surfer, me.
by el revez June 22, 2004
Someone who would never dream of saying

Surf's up!

Someone who may say:

Hey, how are you
Thats awesome!
I think there are some waves coming

We ride boards on waves. Simple as that. Anything outside of that is not directly linked to surfing. That means we do not necessarily say Radical, have long hair (dreadlocks or not), or smoke ganga.
I am a surfer.
by Buck November 28, 2003
A surfer is someone who can sit and wait for a good wave 2 come, and when it comes they take it.. They know which wave 2 take and what 2 do on a board.. Surfers like me, hate people who wear the surf makes when they dont surf. Theyre such wannabees and its obvious if they dont surf. Also i hate people who think that surfers have gotta be like tanned and blonde and with dreads and stuff. i mean im tanned but some surfers arent etc..
Good wave comin..
Not surfs up dude
by Surfin rocks December 27, 2004
A true surfer is one who sees a tidal wave about to hit the beach then say surfs up!!!
My friend surfs and she will do out to sea no matter what, because she is an actual surfer.
by leelee23 December 08, 2007
someone with the wicked ability to balance on a fiberglass board as it shoots through the ocean water on a wave, non-surfers want to be us, but most who try merely embarass themselves by trying too damn hard to be a surfer. It's something you wont understand unless you are born to be a surfer. But to my lucky fellow wave riders, keep it up.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
There are 3 types of surfers:

1. 70's and 80's Surfers - mostly from the 70's and 80's, the stereotype for these guys have long bleached hair, a tan, say things like "Gnarly" and "Totaly", listen to rock music and smoke alot of weed.
i.e. Jeff Spicoli from the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

2. Preppy Surfers - Annoying guys with curly hair, listens to emo and pop punk and wear brands like Hollister, Billabong, and Abercrombie and wear their clothes tight as shit. Most of them don't even surf, they just try to fit in with all the other fools.

3. Surfer - Someone who just likes surfing.
Well Stu, surfings not a sport. It's a way of life. It's no hobby, it's a way of looking at that wave and saying "Hey Bud, haha. Let's Party!" Haaaa.
by HP Morton August 11, 2005
Someone with the patience to sit out on the ocean for hours waiting for the right wave to come along and pick them up. No, we don't say things like "Radical dude!", "Surfs up", and walk around with longass shorts with a billabong T-shirt on and dreadlocks. That's all stereotypical and anyone who does that is a dumbass poseur and should rethink thier lives. I've been surfing 5 hours everyday day all summer (50+ days) for the past 4 years and have never seen a real surfer who does any of those things.
Poseur: Surfs up dude, Ima grab my 20 ft board and stand up out on the water!

Surfer: #### you man, these waves are only 3 ft high but I'm gonna try and ride em anyway.
by Weasel August 06, 2004

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